Tyler Weitzman

Want to know if the college you are applying to saw your video? If your job interviewer read your resume? If the news reporter ever checked out your product?


Was It Viewed? Creates Trackable Links So You Can Find Out If Someone Viewed Any URL You Choose

Was It Viewed? is a simple webapp that creates trackable links to you can find out if any URL has been viewed. If you sent in an online resume, asked someone to check out a video, or want to know if a friend downloaded a file, it'll let you create a simple, trackable link that'll let you know when someone is checking it out.


How to Find out If your Emailed Link was Viewed

You might be emailing links and other web pages, but you seldom know if these links were actually viewed by the email recipient. WasItViewed is a simple and free web apps which allows you to easily track visits to a link. The service provides a track able URL which can be emailed and every time […]