Efficient and Secure Group Messaging

Published in Department of Mathematics, Stanford University, 2020

Recommended citation: Weitzman, Tyler. “Efficient and Secure Group Messaging,” June 4, 2020, 13, [Cs]. https://cs.stanford.edu/~tylerw/Efficient_and_Secure_Group_Messaging.pdf. https://cs.stanford.edu/~tylerw/Efficient_and_Secure_Group_Messaging.pdf

This paper explores advances in efficient group message encryption schemes and key exchanges.

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Citation: ‘Weitzman, Tyler. “Efficient and Secure Group Messaging,” June 4, 2020, 13, [Cs]. https://cs.stanford.edu/~tylerw/Efficient_and_Secure_Group_Messaging.pdf.’

Advisors: Professor Andras Vasy (math department major advisor), Professor Cheng-Chiang Tsai (Applied Cryptography Professor Math 110), Professor Dan Boneh (Computer Science Cryptography Professor)

Peer Review: Review:Excellent paper that actually touch some rather deep topic!! The way Definition 3 is phrased seems a bit confusing. This paper has quite abundant content (of size more like an actual paper than a term paper, say) that it can use an abstract! Cheng-Chiang Tsai