I'm the founder and CEO of Black SMS, the most popular iPhone app for encrypting iMessages with a passcode.

I started building apps for the iPhone App Store when I was 13, and I have launched over 30 apps on the iTunes Store since. Today, I'm running my company Black SMS, which builds software for secure messaging. Check out press about apps and websites I've built here..

When I'm not working on Black SMS, I love to play music in my free time.

I moved to the United States at age 11, started building apps while I was in middle school in California, and then I went to boarding school at Phillips Exeter Academy before going to Stanford University for math and computer science, where I focused on research in cryptography and artificial intelligence. I have published research in these fields. I like to contribute to Quora to help other entrepreneurs and I also advise multiple startups, such as Speechify, which my brother Cliff and I started in 2016.

Feel free to look around the site, check out my resume, and if you want to connect, reach out to my team at team (at) blacksms.net.